IFI Audio iPurifier USB Audio And Data Signal Filter

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IFI Audio iPurifier USB Audio And Data Signal Filter

فیلتر کاهش نویز دیجیتال یو اس بی برند ایفای ادیو

  • Reduces the noise and ringing that plague both data and power lines of USB ports
  • Measurably reduces jitter and packet errors
  • USB in – USB out, works in both directions
  • Also works with non-audio related USB devices like printers etc.
  • Improves dynamic contrast, timbre and resolution
  • CNC machined shielded solid aluminium enclosure
  • Weight 32 g
  • Dimensions 62x19x18 mm

New audio power, by separation and purification

The USB transmission standard was not designed for high-quality audio: audio/power/ground are all ‘lumped into one’ cable for printers, hard-disk drives and the like. In the pursuit of the highest-quality of USB audio playback, this is akin to placing dedicated audio interconnects and high-current power cables together, which is clearly far from ideal. Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) issues inevitably arise, characterised by a harsh, edgy sound. The iPurifier does one job and one job only; it cleans and filters audio + power at the end of the digital chain; just prior to the digital signal entering the DAC. The specially-designed circuit restores the ‘signal waveform’ and puts the ‘analogue’ back into USB audio for a true, life-like presentation. Future-proofed, it is able to handle high-resolution PCM/DSD and DXD at all levels. All DACs gain a sonic uplift.

One of the main bugbears of computer audio is EMI noise. The noise is generated by the raft of generic switch-mode power supply units scattered throughout the computer being in close proximity with the audio path. This is an unwanted distraction to the point of being downright annoying. The residual noise floor is heard most patently between tracks. Taken directly at the computer’s USB port, EMI noise is typically some 39 dB. With the iPurifier in place, this noise drops by some 5 dB to 34 dB.

IFi already developed cutting-edge, advanced audio converters. Given this pedigree, the iPurifier is naturally prepared for all PCM/DSD/DXD formats, without restriction. Rest assured, the iPurifier once auditioned, will stay in and will grow with your system over a very, very long time.

The signal passes through connector. Therefore, the connector must be exceptional as well. Most USB connectors are of the moulded plastic variety. Plastic cannot shield the high frequencies present in the USB data link, so noise will radiate out. Durability is also compromised.

The iPurifier is of the same fastidious design as the iFi Gemini USB cable matching the 90 Ohm impedance standard. The final USB connectors provide impeccable end-to-end RF shielding, being machined entirely from solid aluminium. Gold-plated connections make for years of steadfast service. Built with care and functions like no other.

To reach the absolute zenith in USB audio quality, after the computer, we recommend the iUSB Power (to supply pure, clean power) and the Gemini cable (for separate audio + power transmission). Coupled with the iPurifier to filter audio+power just prior to entering the DAC, this setup is simply unparalleled when it comes to attaining the quietest and smoothest music playback from computer audio. There is no competition, period.

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